With its rarity and price exceeding gold, platinum is used only in the manufacture of fine jewellery. It is relatively heavy, non-corroding and malleable, making it a superb jewellery metal. It also possesses immense tensile strength that allows the goldsmith to create fine designs using minimal metal, without compromising the strength of a piece.

Like gold, platinum must be alloyed with various other metals in order for it to be 'workable'. It is worth noting that platinum is a hypo-allergenic metal that will not irritate the skin.


The cool silver-white colour of platinum makes it an ideal setting for diamonds. Its resistance to abrasion means the metal dulls very little over time and never tarnishes.


The strength of platinum is one of its best known characteristics, helping it withstand abrasion and giving the wearer peace of mind.


Platinum's strength and toughness make it relatively resistant to abrasion, but as with all jewellery when storing try to keep items separately in soft cloth bags or original boxes.

Cleaning can be carried out using a solution of warm soapy (detergent free) water and a soft bristled brush, such as an old toothbrush.

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